Friday, July 17, 2009

UK Police state update

Some updates of every one's favourite legal mob...

Alex Turner of Kent was arrested on the grounds of 'prevention of terrorism' because he was taking pictures in a high street. He was first approached by plain clothes people who did not offer any warrant or ID. The WPC who then arrested him claimed pleaded that his height intimidated her. He was released after being subjected to a humiliating public search.

Andrew Poole of Devon was forced to have his perfectly legal 30th birthday party shut down. 15 guests were threatened by police (in full riot gear, accompanied by a police helicopter) with arrest if they did not leave the party. The plods claimed that the party was advertised on Facebook as an 'all-night' party. About £200 of tax payers money were wasted, which could have gone into some rich banker in the city to be used as toiler paper.

Some suggestions. Put your bleeding Facebook account into private and limit your 'friends' list by not stop accepting people who you do not know as friends. Encrypt all your e-mails! Authorities always claim that people with nothing to hide has nothing to be afraid of, but the abuse by the beat bobbies here clearly proves otherwise. No wonder criminals are getting away when all the plods do is surf social networking sites, attacking legitimate protesters and shooting innocent Brazilians.

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