Friday, July 10, 2009

Torchwood is amazingly bland

Sorry to the fans, but I just had to say it. I know plenty of people love this series. But after watching the final one and the half episodes of "Children of Earth", or whatever it's called (which I forced myself too, because you know everyone's talking about it and I had to know what the fuss is all about), I can honestly say without any doubt that, much like ITV's Primeval (which takes the award for worst ever TV series) until it got cancelled (finally), Torchwood is terrible. In my opinion of course.

I just found it lacking in script, acting, characterisation, dramatisation and even special effects. None of the characters are remotely likeable and the dialogues are pretty much made of cheese. The kid who died in the end is a none-story deus ex machina aimed to make the episode even 'grittier', but instead it came out as sort of funny, and I laughed. Also isn't Torchwood supposed to be some kind of covert scientific intelligence community? Why are they seemingly run by a bunch of incompetent idiots? Just lazy television throughout, one that isn't as 'edgy' or 'adult' as critics seems to paint it to be. If I were to be very honest, these two days of Torchwood actually makes the final seasons of The X-Files seem Emmy Award-winning like.

So yeah, Torchwood is pretty much overrated tosh. I am glad I didn't buy into the stupid hype.

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