Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Au Revoir Simone @ Pure Groove, London

Due to technical issues, Erika, Annie and Heather only played a handful of songs, but it was worth dragging myself to Farringdon (a part of London I normally dislike - in fact I actually still do) just to witness one of my favourite indie pop band (plus I had pictures taken with them). They are also one of the most lovely musicians I've ever met. Will also be seeing them again this Saturday at Proud Camden.

Some pictures of the band (and a video here). Unfortunately I had to use flash as a combination of poor light and lack of furniture to brace myself resulted in super blurry pictures. I hope I didn't annoy the band and audience too much!

Au Revoir Simone's amazing and dreamy third indie synthpop album Still Night, Still Light is available now from Amazon UK and Amazon.com

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