Friday, July 10, 2009

Bull gores idiot to death, world rejoice

A 27 year old Spanish man has been gored to death by an angry bull whilst participating in the outdated annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Daniel Jimeno Romero met his end due to his own stupidity by being unaware that bulls have two sharp horns on their heads and will gore puny humans who agitate them, much like what the now deceased 'victim', who hailed from Madrid did.

A twitterer who goes by the handler @pheenan and attended the Pamplona run that morning, witnessed the goring lamented the lack of help by other runners. "Horrible thing was the number of people fighting to get a pic while medicos tried to save him who rather take pictures of a dead man", he moaned, conveniently forgetting that picture taking of things getting killed is a traditional practice in this barbaric spectacle.

Sadly, the innocent bull will be killed later this afternoon under the pretense of sport by cowards, who will cheer on as the bulls are tortured and then killed. We here would like very much to see the thousands of human spectators and matadors be put in enclosures filled with hundreds of angry healthy bulls, with no weapons or any form of defence. That, readers, would be a spectacle.

To Capuchino, the brave bull who did us all a service today - we salute you. Your sacrifice to will not be forgotten.

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