Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It is still early days for Joss Whedon's new series. But so far I do not have much hope for it. Like Firefly I expect its days are already numbered, but whilst I loved Firefly almost immediately; I can't say the same about Dollhouse, which first two aired episodes haven't exactly courted much positive opinions.

The primary reason for my dislike so far is the lack of genuine characters. I have trouble caring for Echo (Elisha Dushku), the main character whose memory is wiped clean at the end of every episode; nor do I feel any sort of connection between her and her handler - the only person who is supposed to have that connection. The script is also too serious for its own sake - there are no witty dialogue apart from forced conversations filled with cliché. I also dislike the formulaic and episodic standalone nature of the series so far. Editing could also be better as scenes seems to be put together rather haphazardly.

I do believe it has potential and for now I will continue watching because I still have some faith in Whedon delivering the goods. Regardless, this shows needs more Romo, Helo and good writers; and less Elisha Dushku. Oh, and cast Summer Glau stat!

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