Sunday, February 22, 2009

Canon G9 impressions

I am still getting to grips with the Canon G9. Coming from the Casio, I am not really impressed by the Canon UI, but I am getting there. It isn't easy to unlearn four years of UI bias. There are a tons of options available at my disposal and so far I guess I've only took advantage of 10% of them. It will be some time before I come close to taking full advantage of the G9.

At 370g, this is one heavy camera which built quality rivals that of a digital SLR body. It is very well built and feels solid. The screen is lovely and despite using the second lowest brightness setting, it was viewable outdoors in the sun. Buttons are appropriately placed. The shutter release is placed on the top of a zoom rocker (similar to the one my P600) and gives good tactile feedback. The G9 features a 35-210mm (35mm equivalent) lens (6x optical zoom).

The battery life seems to be pretty good. I took 379 pictures at the highest resolution/quality before the camera shuts down, and that includes some flash photography and fiddling around with the settings, deleting pictures and stuff.

Some pictures:

Wide angle (35mm equivalent):

Telephoto (120mm equivalent):

Macro shots:

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