Saturday, February 14, 2009

Battlestar Galactica: No Exit

So it has finally come to this. For four years we have waited and finally today the history of Cylon skinjobs was revealed in this episode. The revelation that the final five, who originally hailed from Earth, were creators of the Cylon skinjobs is pretty plausible even if it is pretty obvious that the writers are sort of making them up as they go along...

The relationship between Ellen, the brain behind the technology, and Brother Cavil (whom she refers as John) is particularly intriguing. The episode features some memorable scenes such as when Cavil in his best Agent Smith of The Matrix persona attempts to justify his hatred and vengence against the human race, hating his organic and limited humanoid ability in contrast to his other Cylon ancestors (the Centurions).

It would be interesting to see where Battlestar Galactica heads next. The fact that the ship itself will be repaired using Cylon basestar biological material itself will no doubt be used as a plot device within the final five episodes. I also can't wait to see Adama's reaction when he finally comes face to face with Boomer.

Then there is the revelation that there is yet another boxed 13th Cylon model (number seven) dubbed as 'Daniel', whom many has speculated to be either Starbuck or Baltar. I have my theories which you can read on my Twitter feed.

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