Friday, February 20, 2009

Canon G9

The Canon G9 may be old news, but it is still an impressive digital compact camera. So impressive that I've decided to replace my trusty but ageing Casio P600 (which I have been using since 2005), with it, even despite the new Canon G10. Still, with £200 separating the two models I can't justify myself to get the latest and greatest compact when I can easily get a new well regarded entry level digital SLR for less.


RichardAM said...

Prices are well down on cameras, and not just recently. When I got my D40 two years ago there was a hundred off of it the next month.

It's grand though- even my five year old digi still gets used occasionally, simply because it's still working.

Jon said...

Yeah, I would rather have waited for the G10's price to drop, but my Casio is finally showing its age (abused it too much - hardly kept in a case). Amazing it lasted this long.

hyperX said...

G9 is probably the best compact camera in the market which rated to produce DSLR quality image with compact camera size. Too bad when I wanted to buy the predecessor of G9 -- G7, it was out of stock. So I bought Canon IS5 instead.