Monday, August 20, 2007

Upcoming DS games

My copy of Gyakuten Saiban 3 DS is due here soon and I can't wait to battle prosecutor Godot. Expect a review sometime next week, maybe. While waiting you can read my impressions on GS1 and GS2.

With Heroes of Mana, Atlus' sRPG Luminous Arc and a proper DS Harvest Moon Rune Factory, this summer games draught is finally coming to an end (what an awful summer).

UK games draught continues though, unless you do the right thing by importing.


Anonymous said...

I am much anticipating Zelda to reach Australian shores by the end of next month . Is UK getting it around the same time too?

Jon said...

Mid October. I believe Australia will getting it a week later.

Odin85 said...

So many RPGs, so little time.

tokyo_nights said...

Just what the doctor ordered...less puzzle games and more conventional stuff... looking forward to Harvest Moon