Monday, August 6, 2007

GayGamer target of vile homophobic attack

Things like this is why I sometimes dislike the video gaming community.

For those in the know, the majority of gaming sites has a main target readership of 15-25 year old male heterosexuals. Don't believe me. Visit any one of the mainstream video gaming sites and tell me it isn't so. Every time a discussion involving characters like Raiden (who is actually straight) or games like Singstar pop ups you will no doubt be treated with vile homophobic related comments. It truly sickens me.

Fact is our hobby isn't dominated by us straight men any longer. Females like my girlfriend and her girlie mates are into it. Our gay friends love playing their PS2 consoles and World of Warcraft as much as they do with each other. It is about time we abandon an out of date prejudice, based on a thousand year old book written by relic old dead people, and accept people for who they are. LGBT are normal people, and many of them like to play video games as well.

I am glad that the people at are working hard to fix the problem. It is one of the better gaming blogs out there, even for straight gamers.

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