Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Nintendo hates Europe

Metroid Prime Pinball (a video game developed in the UK) dated. For Europe.

22 June 2007

For comparison purposes:

North America: 24 October 2005
Australia: 1 December 2005
Japan: 19 January 2006

via BGB

Still ain't that bad compared to WarioWare: Twisted! (first released in October 2004 in Japan and May 2005 for the North American market but no release date yet for Europe) or Animal Crossing GCN.

And guys, just import. Cheaper (£13 vs £30) and quicker too.


tokyo_nights said...

I can only think of one reason why it takes a while to release a game in Europe (Multilanguage support?), but more than a year and a half?...Wauuu.

Jon said...

That can't be it. Metroid Prime Pinball has like only 20 lines of texts.

This is typical NoE behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Reason for delays: