Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Desperate Housewives season three finale

Whoa... I was beginning to get bored with Desperate Housewives but tonight's C4 broadcast of season three finale was, quite frankly, awesome. What a great set-up for the season four. Here are some thoughts concerning the season as a whole:

Personally I have always thought Susan Myers was the weakest character, and this season didn't prove me wrong. She did take her first step to finally gain control of her life by finally deciding for herself her wedding date, but she needs to prove herself more and stop being a Rachel. Gabrielle's a close second, and I hope, with that shrewd 'it's all about me' personality, perhaps she is finally getting what she deserved. I am indifferent to Lynette and couldn't care less on what will happen to her the next season.

I was glad to see Marcia Cross's returning as Bree for the finale, even if it was only for a couple of minutes of screen time. Her return was pretty much essential as the plot that was revealed in tonight's episode sets up what could be the first half of season four's storyline. Because I was online while watching the episode on the telly, there were plenty of 'WTF' on my Skype messages with Jenni, and 90% of it concerns Bree's scenes. As for Edie... well take a look at the picture above. Nothing moved, not even her feet. She's done. Move on folks.

I would like to congratulate David Grossman for directing this episode and to Marc Cherry, the series creator. Can't wait for season four.


Anonymous said...

I am so sian with Susan already. Yeah, finally she gets to be Mrs Mike but their on and off relationship had dragged too long...

What has gone into Edie's head? I always thought she is a strongheaded bitch! She is truly ngong-kui-kui to hang herself 'cuz of Carlos! But then, it doesn't matter if she is dead. I am bored with her as well...

And yay, Bree is back. I missed her!

Lynette would be doing fine, I guess. She won't die from cancer :p

RichardAM said...

The Mike/Susan wedding is two seasons overdue. Finally it's over but you can bet already she'll still have plenty of trivial marital mishaps.

I really loved Edie's character development as of late so it was slightly dissapointing that she was killed off, but all the same, a total shock.

Bree's return was incredible and ever she remains to be the show's star, while Orson too, is easily a candidate for best male character.

Finally, I hate Gabrielle's character but next year does seem promising. For once it seems she's going to be given a really powerful storyline in the form of having the season villan directly related towards her. I can't wait, and hopefully Carlos gets the extra screentime too.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this finale too.

Anonymous said...

Edie is not dead. You can look that up on every spoiler site and even on wiki.

Jon Choo said...

Wiki isn't a good source but I had a look at it. The article linked back to Digitalspy, which isn't a good source either. Then again the article didn't mention anything about Edie surviving.

Regardless I couldn't care less now.