Monday, May 21, 2007

Crumpler beer for bags (bring it over!)

Since 2002, Crumpler, an Aussie company famous for making hip bags for electronical equipments, has organised 'beer for bags' events. This year the events are being held in NYC and Toronto. The process is simple:

Check their site.
Eye the bag you want.
Buy the brand and quantities requested (soya sauce and ramen are also required for certain trade-ins!).
Go to event and trade the beers in for the bag of your choice.
Drink beer with staff.

You end up actually saving money, obtaining a pricey Crumpler and getting wasted in the process.


Thirsty Al (L) = 4 cans of Boddingtons
Skivvy (L) = 1 case of Hoegaarden
Moderate Embarassment = 2 cases of Asahi + 1 packet of Ramen

To those organisers at Crumpler: bring this event to London!

via NBR

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