Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Final Fantasy IV DS remake!!!

Just after making us purchase Final Fantasy IV on GBA, Square-Enix is laying out the bait for those wanting a 3D remake. Hook, line and sinker. It will be using the same wonderful engine that Matrix Software developed on Final Fantasy III DS. FFIV is one of my favourite FF games, after Final Fantasy VI and XII, so this will be a day one purchase (or import) for me. I can't read kanji, but I do hope the character design is again being done by Yoshitake Amano. Regardless Dark Knight Cecil looks amazing in his polygonal self and the Octomammoth looks positively adorable!

Next? Remake Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest III, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI dammit. We DS owners have a urging need for more old school RPG goodness.

Via NeoGAF


Anonymous said...

remake FF7 on PS3 please!

HardiJ said...

Oooh... *drolling* can't wait.. can't wait.. can't wait!!