Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Madeleine McCann's hotel defies physics

The original post I wrote here was pretty nasty, so I decided to tone it down a little bit... Regardless this should still amuse you:

4 May 07


Portuguese police were today searching for Madeline McCann who disappeared from the family's rented apartment while her parents Gerry and Katie dined at a tapas restaurant 200 yards away.

11 May 07

The Daily Telegraph
The couple claimed they were checking on the apartment every half hour as they dined at a tapas restaurant with friends, only 100 yards away.
29 May 07

This is London (Daily Mail)
Madeleine took the soft toy to bed with her every night and it was with her when her parents tucked her up in bed alongside her brother and sister on May 3 before going out for dinner 40 yards away.
Incredible. By the end of this sorry saga I am sure even the McCanns would believe that they never actually left their children alone and they dined in the very apartment itself.


The good news is that the latest in reality thrash television known as Big Brother 2007 is starting tonight, which would at least give me another subject to rant about. It would also mean that the media would give another group of attention seekers misfits some much needed coverage. But don't count on this being the last Team McCann related rant I would subject you guys with, especially if something stupid, like the ironic meeting with a Catholic pontif, happens again.

In other news, five Britons were kidnapped blah blah blah...


QUIK! said...

Who in their right mind leave their kids to fend for themselves while they go and dine. Just proves they should be blamed for the whole fiasco. Instead, they should be charged for obviously being unfit parents!

I'm glad Big Bruv is on, it's time for someone else to be on the cover.

Anonymous said...

Everybody I knows believe something isn't right with this case and these media charm offensive is a cover-up.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to disrespect anyone, but me even i am in my home town i would never leave my 3 years twins if they were sleeping to go and get milk from the store that is only 2 blocks, i cant even think in other country i would live them not even to go to the bathroom on a restaurant i would get them inside with me in the bath no matter how tight we were.