Saturday, April 21, 2007

Devil's Dyke to Ditchling Beacon bike ride

We went mountain biking today, in what I call a Brighton & Hove circular bike ride via Devil's Dyke and Ditchling Beacon via South Downs Way. Joining us were Maureen and her partner Regis (who is on a weekend visit from France). My front tyre suffered a flatt on the way to Devil's Dyke and the 1st rear gear did not work (making climbing hills a f***ing chore). We started at 9.50am and finished as 3.55pm. I am so bloody knackered (today's 24 miles was in addition to 20km I walked on Wednesday) so I am going to have a bloody long nap.

(c) M.Berg

Our South Downs Way bike ride part began at the Devil's Dyke Railway Trail near Hangleton Way:

Devil's Dyke:

Treating ourselves to the popular ice cream van at Ditchling Beacon car park:

Wonderful weather today as evident in the landscape view from the Beacon:

Our cycle route:

Elevation data:


gianne said...

oh wow... the fields are breathtaking! must been a really refreshing ride for you guys

the route seems really long though...

Jobove - Reus said...
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valve said...

welcome to my blog

Bijoy said...
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Anonymous said...

That looks like a nice place to cycle in. Loving the spring look.

Holley T said...

I've heard of the Brighton/Hove area but haven't ventured across the pond to your country as of yet...wonderful pic's jon c!