Saturday, April 7, 2007

Review: Carhartt Kickflip camo arrow black backpack

My 15 year old Eastpak backpack has finally broken down. What a great 15 year it was, but it was finally time to move on. I still remember sewing an Obituary logo patch on it (since removed). I will try to repair it, but for the time being I found this to be a great excuse to acquire a new backpack.

This nice little Carhartt Kickflip backpack in 'camo arrow black' colour seems great, especially at the price I got from Moist (closing down sale). It is sturdier and a lot tougher than the ol' Eastpak. I particularly like the Snake Eater-like camoflague. The Kickflip seems to go well with my Carhartt branded hoodies too. Hopefully it will serve me well for 15 years!!

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