Sunday, April 29, 2007

Awesome God of War II stunt

Today's repugnant headline on the Mail on Sunday was 'Slaughter' with the subtitle 'Horror at Sony's depraved stunt to promote PlayStation with decapitated goat' caught headlines among the gaming world when two mainstream video gaming blogs decided to link to the Daily Mail's online 'news'. They even managed to get an opinion from New Labour MP Keith Vaz, known anti-video gaming activist. Among the complaints the Mail on Sunday had were a dead goat was decapitated in a promo event to the release of God of War II, the sequel to the amazingly awesome God of War; as well as the abundance of topless females (what is wrong with that Middle Englanders?).

The Mail group has always been known for their anti-gaming stance and they took the chance to 'review' God of War II on page 9 (yeah, I have the picked up from the Tube paper left over by disgusted readers), and a poor one at that (they complained mainly about the violence and gore and violence). Unfortunately for many 'video gaming' fanboys, the chance to release more anti-Sony diatribe was too good that they decided to align themselves with a Littlejohn's favourite anti-gaming rag.

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