Friday, April 6, 2007

Food review: Pompoko

We recently tried a new Japanese restaurant in Brighton called Pompoko. It is strategically located on Church Street, surrounded by the up and coming redevelopment of the Jubilee area as well as the North Laines. Unlike other Japanese dining trends in the UK, they do not serve expensive sushi, and they do not have pretentious benches.

Pompoko's prime targets are people looking to get a decent meal for under a fiver, and they do not disappoint. Most meals are priced between £3.80 and £4.20, making this tiny gem a heaven for those on the budget. And they do not skim on the quality and quantity either. Portions are generous as is the quality (which are home made). The Japanese breadcrumbed coated chicken curry that I tried is eons better than those served at Wagamama across the road or E-Kagen, at half the price. Pompoko is certainly one of those great perfect place you would want to grab a bite before heading out for the evening.

Ebi fried (prawns)

Ebi chili don (prawn in spicy tangy sauce)

Breadcrumbed coated chicken Japanese curry

Pork Nanban Don

Katsu Don

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