Monday, March 27, 2006

London bloggers meetup?

Patrick has suggested another blog meetup and seconded the organisation to me, again. I am extremely busy at the moment and can only go about this during the weekends. But we do need to sort out some stuff before we go ahead.

First up, this will be a similar bloggers meetup to the one we had in October. An unpatriotic guy like me couldn't care less if you are not a Malaysian, a blogger or even an expat. Just come and join us - the more the merrier. It may somehow turn unexpectadly into a bloggers meetup though.

The location of the meetup is probably the most important thing we need to agree on. Last time we had mochas at the Rendezvous in Leicester Square before having dinner in China Town. Any suggestions? Should it be in London, or even Plymouth (as we initially agreed with V)? Or...(since I am organising, I have the luxury of naming venues that suits me) maybe...even Brighton???

Brighton is a pretty nice place too for those who haven't been down there. There are lovely veggies restaurants such as Terre a Terre and Food for Friends that you should really try. Then there are the countless of pubs around the sea front not to mention Bardsley's - the best chippies in the world. The huss and haddock, lightly battered, tastes like heaven and is miles better than those found at your average chippies. Cods are also line caught from sustainable sources.

I am guessing that the majority of potential attendees would be from London, and since it is the most convenient location, so I would place my second vote for London. But I would prefer if it were to be held in Brighton (it is only an hour away from London anyway). It doesn't matter where as long as it the location(s) supports drink -> food -> drink style meetup.

Finally we also need to sort the time and date of the meetup. It should be during a weekend, preferably on a Saturday (or maybe Friday evening). I have three sets of dates that may be convenient to you guys:

Easter break (14-17 April) not available
Weekend after Easter (22-23 April) not available
May Day bank holiday weekend (28 April - 1 May)

As usual you can reach me by e-mailing me at my gmail address (name: londonblogger). Better still just leave your comments here, but do e-mail me your mobile number. I will be busy, so don't be offended if I only reply during the weekends.

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Ah Pek said...

I would love to come. but London is so far...

living-in-the-uk said...

satu lagik foremost ??!!??
sounds fun !

Twisted Heels said...

Wow, never knew there are blog meet-ups in the UK too!

Certainly love to be down in London but argh, so far!

elb said...

wellll... i'm pretty much very busy until mid may at the earliest mate (I'm in a prison cell, remember?).

Anyway it was a collective effort and you didn't do all of the organisation :P

Jon said...

Hmm...well, a quick meetup should be fine, I guess. You deserve a break/drink anyway. Anyway I believe London is the most convenient for a meetup.

@Twister Heels, come down then.

howsy said...

Easter Break not fine as I'll be on vacation. The other two o.k. Would love to go to Brighton, but er...I try to be anonymous...sardenly BB come for a raid and pay for my 'visit' to Kamunting, how?

Jon said...

@Howsy, no problem with the anonoymous thingy. We take pictures but we do not publish them.