Sunday, March 5, 2006

Bunnies, tastes just like chicken

Yesterday we had dinner at Casa Don Carlos, a Spanish tapas bar in Brighton, to celebrate a colleague of Jennifer's birthday. There were eleven of us in total. This is the first time me and Jennifer have been there and the food is wonderful. I do not know how authentic the food were to those in Spain since this is my first trip to a Spanish tapas bar but there were pretty good. The prices are reasonable averaging around four quid per dish.

Now rabbit isn't a popular dish in Asia, so I never had one. People seems to either welcome or hate the idea of having cute little bunnies cooked. Well I had the chance yesterday and in the name of research (and much to Jennifer's displeasure) I had a little nibble. I can honestly lent my support to those often phrased 'it tastes just like chicken', because that was exactly what I said when I had my first bite. So I can't see why you should bother cooking rabbits. Rabbits are cute. They tastes like chicken, even with the relish. Even when downed with Sangria, the chicken taste is still there.

So just get chicken instead. They are cheaper. And they are not that cute.

update (address):

Casa Don Carlos
Union Street,
Brighton BN11HA

01273 327177

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howsy said...

Hey...lil' chicks are cute! case you wonder, deer and ostrich taste like beef also.

What about human then? Urghh! I read from somewhere that some cannibals recorded that it tasted like pork.

cheng sim said...

true. if rabbit tastes like chicken, then whats the use of eating rabbits in the first place? unless you're craving for chicken during the bird flu season. hehe.

living-in-the-uk said...

i think there's a place in sibu sarawak that serves rabbit meat. it's been there for quite a while now and it tastes very good. :P but rabbit meat.. yum...

Kat said...

Where exactly in Brighton is this Casa don Carlos? Might try it the next time I'm in Brighton.

Jon said...

Howsy, I love deer and ostrich meat! They are so tender, much more so than beef. (I agree, chicks are cute. But we were are cute too when we were still a bunch of tots)

Cheng Sim, I think I rather have duck than chicken. Still I did a chicken rendang over the weekend using the Brahim sauce that Howsy recommended. Lovely!

Ken, yum too, but why kill a cute bunny for food? Unless it is a hare then I couldn't care less.

Kat, hai! They are in the Lanes. Just posted the details above.