Friday, March 31, 2006

Yay, spring is here!

Finally the much overrated winter has finally come to a end. Instead it is now being replaced by North Atlantic rain! Rain is good as it means flowers are blooming again. The birds are also back and so are the bugs and bees.

But screw British summer time. I hate it that I lost one bloody hour of sleep last weekend. I really pity those who had their birthdays that day. Imagine that - only 23 hours to celebrate.


So who here watches films with subtitles? I know I do. Since the advent of DVD, I almost always watch films with subtitles. It is not because I am slow, but because I find it pleasant to be able to know what the actors are mumbling about sometimes. On a normal telly with non-cinema speakers, inaudible mumblings which contain key plots is an issue.

But I believe subtitles only belong to DVDs. I had the misfortune of watching an English film that had subtitles in the cinema at West India Quay. It was a one-off screening for people with trouble hearing. Cinemas has good enough speakers that I didn't need those blasted subtitles. I left and demanded a refund.


Have a nice weekend.

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chong y l said...


Late komen, kenORknot?

I also like watch movies with subtitles, like:

War movie, commander yells: Fire! Fire!

Subtitle in Malaysia-eh" Api! Api!

In court, Lawyer says: I'm holding a watching brief on behaldfof deceased's family...

Subtitle: Saya ambil seluar dalam untuk pihak keluarga Pesakit ...

PS: I jest applied for a Translator's job at RTMmm3 at RTElm on Friday!:(

Jon Choo said...

Yes, the subtitles in Malaysia are awful, not to mention they are burnt into the film.

Nothing beats the Chinese bootleggers though: