Wednesday, August 11, 2004

PDAMill's Flux Challenge - Monday release

I love racing games. One of my favourite series is The Need For Speed series which I have played on PC since its first release back in the mid 1990s. So naturally any racing game released on a PDA platform would get me excited.

PDAMill's (the same company that brought us Snails) long awaited 3D racer - Flux Challenge - will finally be released on Monday after a three month public beta testing program.

The 3D game appears to be running based on a tweak engine of their popular Windows Mobile for Pocket PC space simulation game, Anthelion.

Instead of shooting alien space crafts, you would be racing in one of the magnetic ships battleing it out Formula One style - except of course you would be hovering through magnetic tunnels instead of Sepang or Silverstone.

Based on the demo, this is a superb game with excellent graphics and music. I have only seen one game released on the Pocket PC platform with better 3D graphics than this and it is the award winning Michael Schumacher's Racing Kart 2002 by Inverse Entertainment. However Flux Challenge comes close. It is actually in my opinion better than the excellent X-Forge powered Vasara Games's Geopod XE.

Screenshots from Flux Challenge website

There is no pricing available yet although I suspect it would costs US$19.95 which is inline with their other 3D game, Anthelion.

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