Monday, August 2, 2004

Doom 3 leaked

The long awaited PC game Doom III has been leaked to the internet. This sucks as I am sure many of those who downloaded the game would never buy the original versions. That would translate to lost sales and would mean that it could put off developers in the future. I have already seen news of games that has been dumped down on PC when compared to the same release for PS2 or X-Box.

Publishers and retailers need to see sense before pricing games so damn high. It puts people off and they instead would seek a pirated copy or download it from the net. ID Software isn't my favourite games company - but they did invent the first person shooter as we know it. John Carmack and his fellow developers deserved to get paid. And HMV - reinstant your original return policy! That way I can purchase something without fearing that I would be wasting my money when a game does not work.

I believe that Doom III is worth the asking price since it is a milestone in PC gaming technology. Me? I just need to save money for the up and coming 512Mb version of the ATi X800 Super Duper Platinum XT Ultra PCI-Express card.

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