Thursday, August 12, 2004

Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition

Microsoft has finally announced a stripped down version of their popular consumer Operating System dubbed the Windows XP Starter Edition. It would be test marketed in five countries including Malaysia and will be available in three languages - Malay, Indonesian and Thai.

It is good that Microsoft has finally see fit to release a cheaper version of their key OS. Many in Malaysia has sought for pirated copies of Windows XP because it is too expensive. By marketing a cheaper option to OEM and hopefully retail alike users would not have to spend alot for an illegal version of XP. This is also great for Malaysian businesses as the Malaysian government is taking a hardline against businesses who uses any pirated software. Windows XP is a much more stable OS than the previous consumer OS Windows ME and Windows 2000 therefore it is only in the best interest for businesses to upgrade to Windows XP even if it is just a Starter Edition.

Other than that - run Linux!

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