Monday, March 7, 2011

Three UK launches All You Can Eat data plan on Pay As You Go

Contract shy data addicts can finally rejoice! Three UK today is once again disrupting the mobile network industry by launching an 'All You Can Eat' data plan for Pay As You Go customers for £15. Whilst other UK network operators are cutting back on data allowances, the people at Three has decided to buck the trend again. In an age of smartphones and so-called 'superphones', Three are the only UK operator who seems to want to provide customers with the ability to use the smartphones as intended by the manufacturers.

The new data plan will be available as two add-ons: All in One 15 and All in One 25, and will be available to new customers. Older customers will be able to access the new add-ons after migrating onto the current tariff. All in One 15 will cost £15 and comes with 30-day access to unlimited data, 300 any network minutes and 3000 texts. On the other hand All in One 25 will offer 500 any network minutes, 3000 texts as well as 30-day access to unlimited data for £25. I should add that tethering is not supported with either All in One plan. Tethering is only available with Three's The One Plan.

There are fears that Three's network would not be able to cope with the increase in bandwidth demands. but Three's Sales and Marketing Director, Marc Allera, has stressed that their network was built for data, which is why they can introduce deals like this. With All You Can Eat data, users can now use their phones freely without fear of stepping over some threshold and incurring additional credit charge.

To celebrate the launch of this new offer, Three has informed me that they will be running a competition over the coming month to show the value of the deal, with prizes including a 30-day first class rail travel pass to Europe for two. Other prizes includes a smartphone along with a year's free All You Can Eat data and a huge amount of free calls and texts each month will also be up for grabs. To enter all you need is to head over here.

This blog will also be giving away something courtesy of Three UK in the coming weeks. Watch this space. :)


Anonymous said...

3 Mobile keeps on giving. Shame on Vodafone etc

misterbleepy said...

GiffGaff (runs on O2 network) do unlimited internet, unlimited texts, and 250mins for £10 a month.

Grab a free SIM with £5 free credit on it from here:

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand how it can be "All You Can Eat" or "Unlimited Data" when details say "Internet allowance.
With every top-up: 150MB"

150MB! – Not even 1GB.

Truly false advertising.