Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amazon Appstore & Rovio Mobile fail

Amazon today launched their Android Appstore, giving away a free copy of Rovio's latest Angry Birds: Rio game to customers for the first 24 hours. But unfortunately for Android users elsewhere, Amazon has geographical restrictions in place meaning the Appstore would not work for anyone outside the US. Not only that, within less than an hour after launching, Amazon yanked the Appstore and the promotional landing page for Angry Birds: Rio.

This isn't the first launch failure of an Angry Birds game by Rovio Mobile. The original Angry Birds was launched on Getjar who were unable to anticipate the demand on its servers.

So the question for Rovio Mobile is, with a high profile new game to launch, why did they decide to stick the game on an unproven application store when Android Market, available on almost all Android phones, works just fine?

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Anonymous said...

Rovio fudged up the release