Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three UK unlimited data on The One Plan

Some exciting news from the mobile industry this morning just for you data hungry mobile peeps. Three UK has announced that The One Plan tariff now comes with unlimited all you can eat data with no hidden fair usage nonsense. That's right - real unlimited data with tethering allowed and no fair usage limits. During a time when all other networks are scaling back instead of offering more to their customers, and it is nice to see Three UK bucking the trend. Well done Three!

The plan will take effect starting today and all customers on The One Plan, new and old will immediately be able to enjoy unlimited data right away.

Next, bring me unlimited MiFi with no fair usage and I can kiss our landline broadband goodbye forever!


Talesian said...

Would a tetherable device like the Desire HD replace the Mifi?

Jon Choo said...

Yes it would, but it wouldn't be as simple as switching it on.

Plus the Desire HD's battery isn't that great to begin with. My N8's battery drops like flies when turned into a MiFi...