Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TalkTalk still taking the piss

Well today is the 23rd of February, the day TalkTalk promised to get us online despite much delay. So how did it go?

If you are reading this, it meant that that they have fucked up yet again (you now, didn't bother to send us the router and login details). Yes, I wrote a preemptive rant about it and scheduled the post because I had a feeling that no parcel from TalkTalk will be waiting when I got home this evening.

This is hardly surprising when they are investing in a stupid infrastructure called "we'll call you" instead of actually taking care of their paying customers. This naff service aims "to provide older people who live alone with a guaranteed weekly natter, free of charge." No shit, now how about a service that aims to provide current paying customers with the minimum service you promised??

Anyway time to give TalkTalk a call and give their poor customer service a good kicking in their verbal ass (who I normally do not blame, but I do now since the previous person promised me that we would be fine today). In the meantime enjoy the new TalkTalkScums label/tag. I have a feeling that it will be used very often.

While we are at it, I am seriously considering just dropping the whole broadband bullshit and buy a prepay Three Mobile Broadband dongle instead. I wouldn't be able to download much (and certainly not PS3 demos, sigh), but we have a library nearby with free internet connection to misuse and abuse.

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