Monday, February 22, 2010

Curling is shit and so is BBC's Winter Olympics coverage

Dear BBC,

Short rant: Your Winter Olympics coverage has been dreadful. Utter crap.

Long rant: Why bother with the freeview 'press the red button' 301 channel, when you are just going to broadcast curling on both BBC2 and that channel? I understand that there are people who have a hard-on for boring sports, but seriously, why broadcast the same fucking live event on two channels? It makes zero sense.

Why not use one of the other channel broadcast highlights from other events? Also, of all sports, why dedicate so much time and money on curling - easily the most boring 'sport' about people cleaning the floor? Why is curling taking precedence on the Beeb over other classic winter Olympic sports like ski jumping and figure skating?

Also, we do not need BBC presenters in expensive jackets to tell us how the snow is over there. We have eyes and we can see. Oh wait, we can't. Because all you show is bloody curling.

Much regards,

TV License Tax Payer


Jess said...

I spent an hour watching curing the other day. Still don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I agree. BBC's coverage has been miserable. There are only 13 people in the whole of Britain who understands curling.

Anonymous said...

i think u shoud stop moaning if u watched a paid attention to the commentators u would understand the rule and tactic of curling!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Many people understand the rules of chess, but that does not mean that people like watching others play it.

Curling is boring = fact, but that wasn't the point of the post.

His anger was directed at the BBC's decision to broadcast the same live event on two or more channels.

leroy said...

The curling coverage wasn't excessive in my opinion(2 channels is though) but the farcical and inept commentary of it was and is horrendous. There was zero chemistry between cram and that woman. She was jingoistic and pathetically myopic when assessing team GB's play and in giving her opinions which usually centered around how GB were going to pull off a great shot and then silence of lame excuses when she was shown to be wrong. She even went as far as saying that now the GB men were out they were the only ones who could have beaten Canada when in fact they had only the 5th best record. BBC is meant to be impartial and yet according to her GB were the best team there. Even when Canada went unbeaten in the group stage, a feat unheard of, she said it was "pretty good". Don't insult us with your petty nationalism. I am scottish as well but can still appreciate and acknowledge when we are playing poorly and our opponents are not. The BBC should never have given her a commentary slot on the basis of her gold medal. I would rather have an insightful, educated and articulate commentator who hasn't won a gold if it meant they could do the job in hand. The coverage is also full of awkward silences and lame attempts at humour. Where is dougie donnelly and hammy mcmillan when you need them.