Monday, February 1, 2010

St. Albans Cathedral Abbey roof tour

St. Albans Residents First Weekend is an event designed to allow locals to visit attractions for free, which then helps us gain knowledge in the town we live in thus being more able to encourage friends to visit. One of the more popular attractions is the St. Albans Cathedral Abbey church roof tour. Due to health and safety issues, the tour is very limited and because of this advance tickets were needed. Due to the popularity the tickets were 'sold out' within minutes of them being made available on each morning.

Monday morning isn't the best time for me to recollect details of our tour, so I will leave it to the superb report of the tour by Robin of St. Albans People. Whilst I am no fan of religion, the architecture detail of the Abbey is well worth the journey to visit. Unfortunately the roof will be closed to access for the next couple of months (perhaps to next year) due to modernisation and refitting. Despite that the Abbey (and St. Albans) is worth your time even if it is purely for architectural and historical curiosity.

View from the ceiling

The bellroom

The 'music' room (I can't remember exactly what these things are called)

View of the Verulamium park (formerly the Roman city of Verulamium)


The town centre

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