Thursday, January 28, 2010


As you may know, we've moved to a new home sometimes in mid-December. It is a new build, so while there was already a phone line installed by BT - it hasn't been activated. Naturally we wanted to get online as soon as possible. You would think that this being a developed country, getting connected wouldn't be an issue. It has been almost a month since I called and our home is still not connected.

December 2009 - called TalkTalk, requested to have an engineer active our telephone line (new build and all). Customer service tried to sell me Virgin instead(!), but after 20 minutes the application failed because our address isn't recognised (new build and all). Transferred me to a TalkTalk sales person (!) who took 40 minutes jotting down my details and trying to sell me upgrades. Sales person booked 6 January as the date when they will send an engineer. Backup dates includes the following two days.

5 January 2010 - received a text by TalkTalk that our engineer would only visit on 15 January!

15 January - phone line activated by BT engineer with no issues.

19 January - received text by TalkTalk confirming our phone line is now active (duh) and we can start making calls.

23 January - received two letters by TalkTalk, one which confirms that our broadband activation date would be on 18 February - 1 1/2 month after I first contacted them and one month after the line was activated by BT.

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