Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free navigation with Ovi Maps

Nokia has announced that they will be making its turn by turn voice navigation (including traffic updates and premium content like Lonely Planet guides) service on Ovi Maps for free. This service will be available in 76 countries and will tie in nicely with their already available offline feature (which allows the user to freely download maps from 180 countries through a desktop terminal thus saving on over the air data costs).

There are tens of millions of Symbian devices with GPS receiver that has some form of Nokia/Ovi Maps preinstalled (and more which are compatible). Ovi Maps 3 is the best urban navigation software I've ever used and this coming from a guy who has been a Tom Tom fan since their early Palmtop days.

The initial rollout will be made available to a selected number of devices (which includes the E55 (yay), 5800XM, N97 mini and E72) but more will be added later. When will Nokia begin the rollout is anyone's guess but the sooner the better me thinks.

Game changer this one really is.

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John said...

Its a fantastic features To reach easy in any unknown area through OVI ..I like this application more when once upon I just on visit of Dallas and need some instruction regarding some places.
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