Friday, August 21, 2009

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker trailer

Portable Ops was one of the better PSP games I've played (and I've played some). The controls were lacking, but the RPG-like power-ups, recruitment gameplay and snack-able portable friendly missions made it a joy. As you know, a new Metal Gear Solid game is being developed again for the PSP, and with Hideo Kojima taking lead, who has at great pains declaring it as the true Metal Gear sequel, even calling it his MGS5 - I wouldn't be too worried about how it will turn up. And just to wet your appetite a little bit - check out the new nine minute trailer filled with gameplay and tank cardbox goodness:


RichardAM said...

Great video.

From the teaser at E3 it seemed to be the return to stealth that the series was needing again, and the co-op system seems like it'll bring the innovation too.

Can't wait!

Jon Choo said...

You better play Portable Ops before picking this up. It is a very stealth'ie game and addictive.