Thursday, August 20, 2009

thelondonpaper may be axed - good riddance

Brilliant. You can't imagine how happy I am to finally witness the (pending) closure of thelondonpaper, a useless peddler of crap celebrity stories in competition with Metro and The London Lite (two other papers that needs to go - but I am sure I'll toast their demise another day). You can imagine it being a relief to having one less freeshite being shoved into your face by mindless robots. Then there's the environment benefits of having 500k less newspapers automatically removed from London's circulation.

Still, shallow London residents and tourists interested in celebrity gossips (Winehouse, Doherty, Peach etc.), you will have at least the next 30 days to learn how to read the news on, oh I don't know, the fucking web. Those wondering what to do on your daily commute - just get a book, an e-book reader (which you can download news onto), a PSP, a DS Lite, a music player etc.

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Anonymous said...

"The yuppie paper" as I called it. Always seen in the hands of pretentious twentysomethings.