Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emmy The Great @ Pure Groove London

Emma and Euan played at the Pure Groove record store yesterday evening. They were simply brilliant (got my copy of First Love and Gabriel EP signed as well). The photographs from my Canon however weren't. Pretty much gave up after the first song and only took a couple of flash photography. Instead I took the chance to record some videos, which turn out better than I thought (as far as videos from a two year old camera goes). Video uploads are a lower in quality due to crappy upload speed (had to lower the bitrate). Still hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Emma and Euan playing "A Bowl Collecting Blood". This is available on the new Edward EP, only available on vinyl or digital download. Can't play vinyl? Get the re-released First Love, bonus edition. It contains the Edward EP as bonus tracks. A brilliant song this one.

"MIA" from First Love:

"Two Steps Forward" (also from the Edward EP):

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