Friday, August 22, 2008

DS Lite Turquoise £89.98 delivered

You know as much as we are beginning to view the DS platform as dying (or at least being ignored), I can't help but point out that Amazon UK is selling the new Turquoise (or Ice Blue as it was called in Japan) version for a credit crunch busting price of £89.98 with free delivery. Not bad for anyone who is thinking of getting into DS gaming and has a liking for classy colours. The Ice Blue version was actually one of our target purchase when the DS Lite was launched in Japan in March 2006, but we got the Enamel Navy version instead (which so far is the only mass produced model not to be officially released here).

Note: Whatever you do, please please do not buy Nintendogs.


Paul Simpson said...

You mean £97.86

Jon said...

Note the date of the article. :)