Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trackpoints vs touchpads

"I believe my main point was that only the 40-plus crowd, whose first laptop was probably a ThinkPad with a pointing stick, still even knew how to use these stupid things, and the rest of us youthful, forward-thinking types were part of the touchpad generation." Dan_Ackerman

Sorry Dan, what a silly comment there (though I expected nothing less from a Cnet editor). My first notebook was a Dell Inspiron 7000. It had a touchpad, and while I got used to it I've always felt that they were inaccurate. I now have a ThinkPad and can't possibly think of going back to using touchpads. Trackpoints are infinitely more user friendly, accurate and intuitive, at least in my more superior opinion. Even when I've a USB optical mouse by my side I always revert back to using the venerable nipple. Quite how touchpads, which are useless and causes the cursor to randomly jump around the screen can be considered forward thinking is beyond me (I am younger than 30).

Cnet poll: touchpad vs pointing stick

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