Sunday, November 25, 2007

World Cup qualifying deja vu

2010 World Cup qualifying draw has been made and England has been lumped into the same group as Croatia. Forgetting the events from the last few days, the media and fans are already claiming that this is the easiest group (echoing what was said months ago when the Euro qualifying draw was done) and that the football team will qualify easily. Select LOL comments from BBC's 606 forum:
As an England fan i think this will be a great, exciting and a easy group for us.

croatia are just riding a high... england will be the team to beat in group 6

Ah nice and easy group...England will destroy all the opponents! Croatia beware, this time we will knock you out of the world cup....mark my words!!

i think croatia or greece were the weakest in pot 1 so weve done well to draw one of them!

That's a pretty good draw. With McClaren out of the way that should pretty much guarantee qualification. I'd imagine the Croatians are pretty dismayed out the draw. They better start planning their play off tactics now.

England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland have a great chance to qualify. Wales, not so much.

Great group for England there and i just know we're going to get revenge against Croatia and claim back our right full place in the top 10 fifa rankings.

That is an easy group for us. We'll beat Croatia this time because we won't have a tactically inept manager. Group 2 is a joke.

in fact, looking at the ability on paper of england's group. if england fail to qualify, i will actually cry.

So it shouldn't be too bad, i think we will easily qualify with all these players fit!

We are better than Croatia, home or away, but poor tactics, a porr (sic) manager, team selection, injuries and two goalkeeping errors would do well to all go Croatia's way again.
And here is a winner by none other than multi-millionaire wonder boy failure Michael Owen:
I don't think any of the Croatian team would get into our team.
Typical over confidence and arrogance. I can't wait to see them fail again.

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Anonymous said...

Owen's comment is silly and only proves Keano's reason on why they lost. Arrogance.