Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Toy Review: Square-Enix's Chocobo and Rabite phone straps

These are cute kawaii phone straps that any Final Fantasy fans should not miss. We have two here: a classic Chocobo from the main Final Fantasy series and a Rabite/Rabi from the spin-off Seiken Densetsu/Mana series.

The colours are actually much more vivid than captured in the images above. The built is excellent (especially compared to those cheapo fake phone straps you get in Chinatown) and the paint job quality is comparable to some of Square-Enix's larger merchandise such as their Final Fantasy III trading art figures.

Also available in the series are Cactuar/Sabotender, classic Moogle and Tonberry. These official Square-Enix licensed products and retails for around ¥840 each.


maria said...

They are so cute! Where did you get them?

Jon said...

Imported from Japan through Strapya (www.strapya.com). Unfortunately the only strap they have for the moment is Rabite as everything else seems to have sold out.

They have tons of other goodies though.