Thursday, November 29, 2007

(Spoilers) Heroes season/volume 2 house cleaning

Apparently in next week's volume two back-up finale of Heroes, when they will cram four episodes worth of materials into one episode, a major house cleaning will occur. Meaning plenty of unnecessary boring characters will be killed off. Yay. Confirmed are at least two heroes (evolved humans with power) will die and a villain will rise. Obviously since they decided to bring back H.R.G. after 5 minutes of lifelessness, death has become meaningless in the Heroes world now. Anyway who do you think the two dead heroes will be? I have no idea, but I do like to speculate.

Niki - Her storyline bores the hell out of me. Her dying will hopefully spur Micah to actually do something useful other than moan or read comics or moan or dream of being a hero. She will most likely die saving St. Joan.

Matt - He was 'shot' at like five times during last season's finale and he somehow managed to recover. If he survives any shooting next week I would go livid. Frankly I find the character very uninteresting and his willingness to dive into people's mind is the opposite of heroism. Professor Xavier he isn't.

Maya - Rumour has it that she will be killed off only to be brought back alive using Mo's deus ex machina veil of wonder blood. Which would be annoying. But so far the writers of this season has exhibited an unnatural liking to her boring storyline so we may yet see more of this crazy annoying character next season. Come on Sylar, kill her already.

West - He isn't a villain after all. Still looks like one though. Flying boy will most likely survive the massacre but he will is also likely to be written off as the Bennetts goes into hiding. Which is okay. If I wanted to watch teenage super heroes getting all luvvy I will be watching Smallville instead.

Bob - Bob was an interesting character the first couple of episodes but since then is shown to be a rather lame duck with only a couple of good one-liners. So just maybe they will kill him off. But Bob and Elle daddy/daughter issue is also much more interesting than Claire's. Maybe Elle will kill him out of vengeance.

Elle - Elle's personal issues with Peter, Bob and Claire (okay, pretty much everyone) has yet to be resolved so I doubt she will be going anywhere soon. If anything I am sure the writers would be wanting to give Caitlin a chance to whack her a little bit and we know when Caitlin is stuck in. Personally I hope she fries Caitlin and makes out with Claire. And she makes a great sociopathic villain. Go Elle!

Nathan - Peter is a little bit of an idiot this season and him killing Nathan would prove his ultimate idiocy. That or Nathan dies protecting him, again. Either way he will most likely contract the virus as seen in Peter's future timeline.

Claire - She is obviously immortal so she can't die (yet). Sometimes I wish she would, if only to stop her from moaning. Her wishing to be 'normal' has been discussed and explored in depth last season and yet the writers decided that we can take in more of the exact same melodrama. I really can't be bothered by her daddy issues any longer.

Peter going all X-Men. W00ooo...

Peter - He won't die simply because the creator of the show moulded the character after himself! And creators don't usually go killing off their favourite characters. Personally I find the character to be so gullible this year. If I was a writer I would kill him off just to shake things up and balance the show. Peter just has too many power.

Hiro - I doubt he will be killed off. This guy is one of two reasons people are watching Heroes. In fact many people identify Hiro as the Heroes (is it a coincidence that his names is Hiro?). Also James Kyson Lee is a principal cast. Just what will Ando do without Hiro? We can't watch him surf for porn forever.

Sylar - Unless they want to destroy the other reason people are watching Heroes I doubt they will kill him off. He will probably regain his powers, get killed off only to be resurrected yet again next season/volume.

Adam - This guy is an immortal hence he can't die. But he can be defeated.

93% of the population - With Peter acting all trusting Adam will succeed in releasing the virus.

So there you go. I really have no clue apart from maybe 99% sure that Niki will die. What I am sure we will be getting is a rushed and cramped back-up season 'finale' with plenty of cliffhangers that won't be solve possibly until Autumn 2008. Bugger.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Adam has Hiro's sword! Does this mean Hiro dies?!

Anonymous said...

wait and see sia wat that guy wrote was a load of bull espealy wid claire so wat if she moans she dont write the f!"£$in scriped

Anonymous said...

i havent seen any of season 2 yet but from wat i have seen on forums i think kensi is adam without his mask and kensi's power is the same as hiros so he takes the sword and travels forward in time and any body that say adam killed hiro he dont ave to kill him to get sword cause there are billions of them swords if travel at a sertant time or would that be a parodox

Jon Choo said...

Anon1, WTF LOL.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say, you guys are idiots. No one really dies, everyone pretty much lives. The characters are built the way tehy are because that would make the story interesting. What would happen if every character was an amazingly modest, and great person? The story like would be crap. Matt is diving into people's minds because he is going to be the villain. He defeated his father and is now following the footsteps of his father.

Jon Choo said...

S2 ended a long time ago (thankfully, because it was boring). This was a speculation post of which some has been proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

are you fucking crazy?????//
you basically hate EVERY FUCKING CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

get over yourself.


Unknown said...
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