Wednesday, November 21, 2007

lol England

It was fun switching between BBC One's Match of the Day and E4 this evening. Watching Croatia kicking a bunch of overpaid prima donnas in the arse at Wembley and Victoria Beckham making a fool out of herself in Ugly Betty was worth it. Never laughed and cheered as much in my entire life. The facial expressions of the talking heads 'experts' were priceless.

Can't wait to see tomorrow's over-analytical press reaction. It should be a fun next few days... \o/


English said...

The British media will be blaming foreigners, mark my words. They had Sven who successfully guided them to 3 finals. They didn't want a better foreign coach, and now we pay the price for sticking with a substandard English coach. At least Euro 08 will be free from English hooliganism.

Anonymous said...

Consider this a blessing in disguise. We won't need to embarass ourselves next summer since we already did it yesterday and we do not have to visit Switzerland.

psychoduck said...

Hilarious that the xenophobic British media now wanting his head. They wanted an English manager if I am not mistaken.

Blame the manager.

Blame the foreigners.

Blame Arsene Wenger.

But no one blames the media for their outrageous expectations.

To the FA: hire an immigrant to manage (even Sven). Chuck the millionaires out and get the under-21 team to represent the country.

Jon said...

After SM the scapegoat a trend is brewing in the media to blame foreigners.

The comedy continues...

human book said...
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Jon said...

@ human book,

Please stop spamming this blog. If you want to spread your opinion do it on your own blog.