Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bike Ride: Rye & Romney Marsh circular

We went for a bike ride around ancient Rye and the Romney Marsh yesterday.

After a false start (my fault), we were on a road (National Cycle Network 2) that runs alongside the Royal Military Canal to Appledore. The canal was built during the Napoleon era out of fear of a French invasion. Also note the pillbox in the third picture below, presumeably built during the second World War. Little did they know that our guest cyclist and mate, Maureen, is French.

At Appledore we turned right onto the Regional Cycle Route 11 through the Walland Marsh, where Jennifer and Maureen went on the pick some blackberries. If you prefer you can continue up to Appledore Heath via Ivychurch for a longer route.

Just after a rail level crossing we arrived at the small isolated church of St Thomas Becket where a group of sheeps entertained us by getting stuck on a small bridge. The church is worth a visit though don't expect to be wowed.

We later stopped at the Woolpack Inn, Brookland (we are now in Kent) for a drink. Built in 1410, the old smuggling inn is right at the heart of the Romney Marsh. This isn't your usual Weatherspoon crap. This is our kind of pub.

We continued down towards Lydd, which was hosting an air show. The 14th century church here is apparently known as the Cathedral of Romney Marsh. Here we joined a traffic free exhilarating off-road trail next to a Ministry of Defense firing range land and close to the Dungeness nuclear power station.

After a couple of miles we were at Camber where we cycled on the sea wall which overlooks the vast shingle beaches and the Camber Sand dunes. Another off-road trail eventually lead us back to Rye. With no hills to climb throughout, the route was easy - apart from the times when massive winds blow in from the Channel.

This was possibly the last weekend bike trek where we enjoyed the company of the sun this summer. :(

Total: 27 miles (+1.2 miles in Brighton) according to the bike computer (44 + 2km)

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Anonymous said...

44km! Why not drive around?

Anonymous said...

Really lovely. I really enjoy some of your diaries. Keep it up.