Saturday, September 9, 2006

MTB Bike Ride: Falmer to Ditchling Beacon

The trail began at Sussex University (although we did have to cycle up from the town centre up to Falmer first) and ended at Ditchling Beacon (where we used a short cut via Ditchling Road - London Road to get back). The off-road trail was relatively short (about 5-6 miles) though we did a total of 13-14 miles that day.

Here are some pictures:

The lovely view of the Sussex Weald and the many villages on the foot of the Downs:

A dew pond near the Home Brow by Ditchling Road just opposite the Iron Age Beacon:

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Anonymous said...

Amazing. I am tempted to take up cycling again. Too bad in Malaysia we have almost no good cycling roads. It is a death trap.