Saturday, September 16, 2006

National Express thoughts / Lego Star Wars II DS / Wii stuff

I can't begin to tell you how much I hate the new fleet of National Express coaches. It looks comfy, but really - it isn't! It looks modern, until you notice the number of cheap and tacky plastic furniture that graces its interior. Like cheap Asian (except Japanese) cars.

DS version: not recommended. At all.

Today I went into GAME to return Lego Star Wars II* for DS. The version is almost identical to the console version (except shorter) despite different developers - with graphical/gameplay bugs to boot. It plays like the dreaded Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (not surprising since it is by the same developer) where instead of hack-hack-hack, you shoot-shoot-shoot. Nice to see that George Lucas is still keen on ripping fans off.

I also took the chance to enquire about the new Wii. Though NoA has only announced that a white coloured version (don't they know white is so uncool' as the 'only colour' that would be available in North America, sadly NoE failed to announce any specific for the European market. The GAME staff did mentioned that his company will be making both white and black accessories, so based on that there is a small chance that Europe will get a black Wii as well. I hope that is true. White is so un-cool.


Anonymous said...

I just bought the game and I took it back the same day. Glitches just happen about everywhere. I can't believe such a poor product would slip through Lucasarts QC!

They should do a recall, fix the game up (a few months probably considering the number of glitches) and then sell it on a budget price.

Jon said...

Well according to Kotaku, several developers at Amaze has admitted that they knew about the bugs and were working on a fix but LucasArts forced them to ship. Am not surprised by the news. George Lucas has always been about money. See how much he can tweak Star Wars further or release a the original trilogy based on a crappy LaserDisc release.

Apparently a 'cleaner' version of the game would be released, but that is once the initial batch is sold out. Thankfully there is such a thing as refund policy.

Jon said...

Kotaku link:

Anonymous said...

Stupid fucking GAME. I bought this more than ten days ago for my kid and they wouldn't let me return it.