Saturday, August 26, 2006

Notting Hill Carnival guide

Europe's biggest street festival, Notting Hill Carnival, begins tomorrow with Children's Day. And it is going to be fun (as long as the clouds hold up).

Part of the Tube network will be closed over the weekend due to 'engineering works' so expect delays and crowd. There is a rumour that airport style security detectors will be implemented in Tube stations, making the delays much worse. Visitors, best plan your journey before leaving! Download Metro onto your mobiles, but do pay attention to which part of the networks will be closed.

I will only be attending the Monday's 'adult' event. I have already cleared up my memory cards for use on my digital compact. I might nip out to Jessops to get a spare battery today (I wish it took standard AAs). So, bring some cash (personally I wouldn't bring my wallet on the day and keep spare cash in different pockets), a map and a mobile phone (although it is near useless within the parade). Do some kind of waterproof jacket, but try not to bring a full-size brolly!

Try not to get ripped off. And do enjoy yourself!

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Nicholas said...

You mean tmr's(Sunday) event is gonna be a kiddie event?

What is the difference between tmr's and Monday's ?

Please elaborate :)

Jon said...

Not organising so I don't know. Always been that way I suppose. But it's still fun, with lots of street parties going on.