Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another kneejerk law proposal

This kneejerk proposal announced to ban violent porn is, in my opinion, one of those dangerous law - laws that are proposed and then passed based on opinions, sentiments and reactions (much like the anti-terrorism law).

There is zero scientific proof that links violent porn with murder just as there are currently no evidence which links violence in films/games/music/books to killings and yet here we have a lady who has managed to convince the government to propose a law to ban so called violent porn. Out of what? Pity?

Violent porns may be disgusting, and if the violence portrayed are real, then by all means arrest the perpetrators. But to say that a person can be influenced by such films is threading on thin ice. Mainstream films like the godawful 8MM features sexual violence, yet in this proposal, the entertainment industry isn't covered by the law proposal! Apparently simulated sexual violence (in films) is okay then (the effects, if any, should be similar no?).

Update: A commentator at MediaWatchWatch provided an interesting link of a research that debunks the myth that more porn = more rape. Apparently the reverse may be true.


yerdeh said...

U know what's funny? Most women think this law is a good idea, but most men think it's stupid. The world can always do without porn, especially the violent ones. Who's losing when this law gets passed? Horny men? The porn industry? I'm sure gonna feel sorry for them. NOT. And the article where it theorizes that perhaps rape creates porn is about as worthy a reading as the 'scientific' article that espouses that rape is a part of human nature, that we are driven to commit rape. Try telling that to a rape victim.

Jon said...

Raping and killings are illegal, with or without this law, so why should this proposed law even exists then? Violent porn is simulated or with consent (S&M), if there is a proof that the violence containing in a film is real (without consent) then it would be illegal regardless of whether this law is passed or not.

Try telling that to a rape victim? Then proof to me first that most rapists are motivated by pornography!

This law is similar the religious & hatred bill that attempts to make it illegal for people to commit violence based on religious belief.

This law is attempting to generalised pornographers, just like there are laws out there that attempts to generalised gamers, atheists etc. as criminals.

There are many motivations that rapists goes through that make them act they way he or she did. Some may be monetary, some may be out of loneliness or despair. It is their morality that is in question and their lack of respect for human life.

Can you say that an industry or 'hobby (to some people', should be victimised due to the action of a few. Should we ban Grand Theft Auto games because of carjackings? Or the Matrix films when it was alleged that the Columbine killers watched the first film?

Blame the individual, not everyone else.

BTW, I have mates who are ladies who are also against the law. We (including men) hate violent porn, but we recognise that freedom of choice is more important.