Saturday, January 8, 2005

People with no feelings...

To those sending and forwarding pictures or videos of victims running away from the tsunami or pictures of dead bodies found, please stop it! These pictures seems to be originating from Malaysia, Singapore - you know all those countries with residents who just love to forward every fuckin' e-mail they have. (eg. Fwd: Tsunami's Victims Body)

Rather than forwarding pictures of dead children, do something useful instead. Donate your monies to charities involved. Donate clothing. Even better - since you are all so nearby, try to help on-site! And remember, they are not the only victims. Hundreds of thousands of people die in Africa every month due to poverty created by government debts. Do something for them too!
Those forwarding of pictures is just as disgusting as those who play hoax by sending e-mails to relatives claiming that bodies of their loved ones has been found, or people pretending to be
rescue workers looting bodies. What if your forwarded message lands on people's inbox who has relations to those who died in the tsunami?

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