Sunday, January 2, 2005

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Well, Happy New Year 2005 everyone. I am sure there will be muted and guarded celebrations.

The past week has proved difficult to millions of people from South and South East Asian countries particular Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. I have been glued to BBC News 24 watching in awe on such a tragedy that has so far claimed more than 150,000 human lives.

The press here has been excellent highlighting the terror that has engulfed the region and played a part in urging people to donate. Tens of millions of pounds has been raised so far in Britain alone.

Please donate any spare change you have to any local organizations that involved in the relief operations in the disaster zones. Alternatively you can donate at

I pray that 2005 will bring much luck to those who has seen their lives washed away. Please help rebuild their economy by NOT staying away. Tourists who wanted to cancel their holidays in affected countries should continue with their trip. These people need our help.

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