Friday, April 22, 2011

Motorola P793 Universal Portable Power Pack review

I have been using the Motorola P793 Universal Portable Power Pack battery charger for a good couple of months now. In fact I rarely leave home without it. It's a slim portable charger that is perfect for any heavy smartphone users like me. Always connected, today's powerful (and inefficient) smartphones demands more than the too-small-for-smartphone batteries that all the phone manufacturers seems to think are enough.

Beneath the slim black case of the Motorola P793 lies a 1420mAh battery, essentially the same size as you would find on an average smartphone. An on/off power button can be found on the top, while a four-LED indicator can be found next to it. The indicator will give the user an idea on how much power is left, or when charging it from a power socket, will indicate when it is charging or when it reached full capacity.

A microUSB cable (in stylish blue) is conveniently built into the charger. The built quality is good, but the cable can be worn out as mine eventually did. Fortunately a full size USB can be found on the charger allowing users to plug in any USB cable. You can even charge two devices simultaneously using the built-in cable and another cable via the USB port. With a thickness of about 10mm and a weigh of only 54g making it is almost inexcusable for any power user not to carry one in their pockets, purse or bag. It certainly is far more portable than my Proporta Ted Baker charging kit, which I tend to only carry with me during weekend excursions.

As I have been using a Nokia N8 as my main phone for the past six months (has it been that long?), the Motorola P793 is an indispensable accessory that is ideal for the average N8 user. The 1420mAh battery is sufficient to charge up the N8 at least once, and then some. I have also used it on various phones such as the XPERIA Arc and Motorola DEFY. It outputs at 500mAh, which is decent enough to charge most phones in under two hours.

The Motorola P793 isn't widely available in the UK. At £30 (the lowest price I can find on a UK online store), it is a bit pricey for what you get. For the same price you can get a Proporta USB Turbocharger 3400, which has a battery capacity of more than double that of the P793. Having said that, the Motorola P793 is a much more portable and compact charger than the Proporta, and is perfect for people who needs a bit more juice for their smartphone for the day.

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